Last week, the head of the Wimbledon Championship conceded that the proliferation of on-court grunting, particularly from the female players, was "putting off their opponents and spoiling the game for millions of spectators."

Thanks to a new product from the BBC called Wimbledon NetMix, you don't have to be among those whose Wimbledon experience is ruined by these vocal emissions that sometimes surpass 100 decibels.

NetMix allows you to fade out the noise from the court while turning up the sound of commentators, based on how guttural the tennis players are getting .

The player is available for a free download, and only works if you're listening to the match over the internet on BBC Radio. If NetMix, which the BBC has labeled a "Wimbledon 2011 experiment," proves popular, it could go a long way toward making tennis safe for sensitive ears.