Rick Perry

Ouch! Rick Perry is Now More Hated on YouTube Than Rebecca Black [VIDEOS]
A new Rick Perry ad in which the Texas governor and presidential hopeful laments that gays can serve openly in the military but kids can't pray in school hasn't recieved the YouTube reception his campaing was hoping for. In fact, in just three days Perry's "Stronger" spot amassed almost twice as many dislikes on the video sharing site as Rebecca Black's spectacularly maligned 'Friday' vi
Rick Perry Presents His ‘Top Ten Excuses’ on Letterman [VIDEO]
Republican presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry caused a stir the other night at a debate when he couldn't remember the third government department he would close down. You knew talk shows like 'The Late Show with David Letterman' were going to say something about it. But it was actually Perry himself who came on to the show last night to give the 'Top Ten Rick Perry Excuses' list.
Is Rick Perry’s Latest Speech Funny or a Drunken Bomb? [VIDEO]
Although he's better known for his head-scratching gaffes -- such as when he referred to Ben Bernanke's Federal Reserve strategy as "treasonous" and described Social Security as a "Ponzi scheme" -- Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry displayed a new-found sense of humor during a speech in New Hampshire recently. However, his slurred speech and general off-kilter demean