Although he's better known for his head-scratching gaffes -- such as when he referred to Ben Bernanke's Federal Reserve strategy as "treasonous" and described Social Security as a "Ponzi scheme" -- Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry displayed a new-found sense of humor during a speech in New Hampshire recently.

However, his slurred speech and general off-kilter demeanor are making people wonder whether or not the GOP candidate had a couple cocktails before hitting the podium.

This time out, Perry didn't just drop a joke a two during the speech. He positively regaled the crowd with quips and one-liners, leaving many to wonder where this sense of humor came from. Maybe he added a comedy writer to his staff? Or perhaps just a bartender?

What's your take? Was Rick Perry funny during the speech or did he bomb big time? Do you think he is drunk or just an awkward public speaker? (Two great qualities in a president, btw.) Watch clips of Perry's latest speech below.

[via ABC News and YouTube]