Although we respect it as one of the most enduring memes ever, we never understood the allure of Nyan Cat. But what about 'Robot Pizza Song,' which is essentially the same thing? Now this is something we can really get behind. Let us explain.

It's not just that this endlessly-looping video references pizza, which is, like, the greatest food ever. It also has a robot in it, for Pete's sake. And, really, what's cooler than that?

It features retro 8-bit graphics just like Nyan Cat, but it lacks the seizure-inducing music of its predecessor. Instead, an understated techno track thumps away while a robot, who appears to be wearing a World War I helmet, intones the word "pizza" over and over and over.

Call us crazy, but we find the video to be weirdly hypnotic too. Excuse us while we go stare at it for the next hour or so.

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