Kids Rule
When it comes to this whole life thing, kids pretty much reign supreme. OK, so they're not really good at being flower girls or staying awake while eating, but who cares! Kiddos know how to be awesome, and we're here to prove that point even further.
Funny Test Answers
Whether you realize it or not, kids know a whole heck of a lot. Their ability to come up with entertainingly intelligent nuggets of wisdom is incomparable, and we’re here to prove that point even further.
Kids React to Grumpy Cat
If you've had your fill of Grumpy Cat videos, why not take it to the next level and watch a video of children watching Grumpy Cat videos? It's basically doubling up on cute.
There's the bit of Tardar Sauce herself, which we know is adorable, then there are kids giggling, which is obviously not as ado…
10 Kids Struggling to Stay Awake While Eating
Being a kid can be super exhausting. Between all the playing and watching cartoons and giving presidential pep talks, it's no wonder tots get sleepy during the day. In fact they get so tired, not even eating can keep the munchkins awake. Luckily for us, this makes for ridiculously adorable resu…
Adorable Smush Faces
The window face smush-- it's something we've all done at one point or another, probably way back in childhood (or yesterday...). The great thing about it is that the face smash has one simple purpose-- to make people laugh.
Kids Star in the 2012 Best Picture Nominees
If you're not in the know, a movie has been "sweded" when somebody does a low-budget recreation of it. Now that you know, look at these little kids doing all the movies nominated for Best Picture Oscars. While these are not the most faithful swedes we've ever seen, they a…
Dad of the Year
Who's ready for 52 seconds of cute? Good, then watch on.
In this recent video -- featuring a father duetting with his daughter to the popular 'Mahna Mahna' tune from 'The Muppets' -- YouTube user Jesse Teeters claims this to be his greatest achievement in the two-and-a-half years he's been a parent. …

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