Golden Globes

The Real Life Grumpy Cat?
Tommy Lee Jones was not amused by Will Ferrell's hijinks at last night's Golden Globes. And he was the only one. On the one hand, look at him -- he's ancient. Let him laugh or not laugh whenever he wants or doesn't want to. On the other hand, BWAHAHA he looks just like Grumpy Cat…
Jodie Foster's Loopy Speech
Last night's Golden Globes were certainly filled with some memorable moments. The Tommy Lee Jones death stare, Taylor Swift's disapproving face, Adele's delightful acceptance speech. But today most people are talking about Jodie Foster's sort of rambling acceptance speech for the…
Kristen and Will hit the globes
While last night's Golden Globes were filled with laughs, tears and death stares -- the latter courtesy of Tommy Lee Jones -- a memorable moment came from presenters Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell. The improv duo appeared to take the stage with little to no script, riffing off one another while annou…
The Golden GIFs
Glenn Close did what? Surprise facial hair on who? Here are some memorable moments from tonight's Golden Globes broadcast.
We heart jennifer
It seems that Jennifer Lawrence is the biggest thing in Hollywood since Kristen Stewart, and what better way to celebrate her acting ability than with some awesome GIFs? Here we have GIFs from our favorite Jennifer Lawrence movies as well as GIFs of Lawrence just being her quirky adorable self.