Things got a little crazy at Lamar Fleming Middle School in Houston, Texas Tuesday morning when what has been described as a "mean old goat' wandered onto campus.

Instead of heading to the cafeteria dumpster for a snack, as one would expect from his kind, this horned beast began head butting and biting at students, causing a panic.

The police were called, and the school's 400 students were ushered into the auditorium for safety. Luckily, no one was injured during the "bully" goat's attacks.

When the authorities arrived, the sly goat was resting on the grass -- as if he had done nothing wrong.

But the cops weren't buying it, and the vicious beast was dragged by his horns to a paddy wagon.

Since the goat had a chain around his neck it is believed he may have belonged to somebody in the neighborhood. For his crimes, he will spend 18 business days in the county pen. If nobody claims him during that time period, the goat gets sold at auction.

And it that happens, don't be surprised if the principal of Lamar Fleming gets in on the bidding. "We're always looking for a new mascot," he told KTRK News, suggesting he would be willing to let bygones be bygones.

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