15 Signs Your Pet Is an Introvert
You think you know your pet, but do you *know* your pet? Would you, for example, say your guinea pig is a Betty or a Veronica? What's your iguana's opinion on repealing the Glass-Steagall Act? Most importantly, DO YOU EVEN KNOW YOUR FERRET'S MYERS-BRIGGS PERSONALITY TYPE????!! Is your…
Doritos Deer
If you need proof that everyone loves Doritos, look no further than this: a deputy in the Florida Keys recently rescued an endangered species of deer that had a bag of the snack food stuck on its head. Unfortunately, we'll have to speculate whether the deer prefers classic flavor or Cool Ranch.
Man Chased Up Tree By Angry Deer
When one thinks of a deer, one thinks of a gentle Bambi-like creature. However, adult male deers can be pretty rough customers. Especially during mating season, when they use their sharp horns to jostle over female deer companionship.
Baby Deer Sneaks Into Home Through Pet Door
What's the one thing we learned from 'Jurassic Park'? Life finds a way. So, if an adorable fawn decides it wants to drop in for breakfast one Sunday morning, that's exactly what's going to happen -- even if it has to slither in through the pet door.
Turkey and Deer Make Strange, Cute Bedfellows [PHOTOS]
One of the many things the internet has taught us is that animals of different species will become close friends when given the chance.
The latest inter-species love story comes from Tinsel the turkey and Bramble the deer. Tinsel was taken to Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in England af…
Great Dane And Deer Forge Close Friendship [VIDEO]
Nature photographer Isabel Springet brought an injured fawn home three years ago, and since then it's practically become a part of her family.
While nursing its wound, the deer forged a friendship with the great dane of the house and still visits him to this day.
"They act like they've not seen e…

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