We feel really bad for Donna, the woman in this clip, because she seems an exceptionally nice lady. She's well-spoken and polite, just... hazy on a few concept. Donna called into a North Dakota morning show because she couldn't get anybody to pay attention to her problem. Which essentially boils down to misunderstanding who a specific sign is aimed at.

Which is, having run into no fewer than three deer on the Interstate, that the deer crossings should be moved, so the deer know not to try to cross that busy highway. Donna doesn't understand why we'd tell the deer to cross the Interstate anyway, which, depending on who you think the sign is for, is valid. We're just glad Donna didn't give her full name, since this clip has gone viral.

Let's not be too hard on Donna. She means well and really, her only crime is assuming deer can understand a simple sign. Besides, if we'd had a few cars trashed by deer strikes, we'd be upset too.

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