Christmas Lights

Holiday Light Drama
Last year the 56,000 light Christmas display which adorned Jan Stewart's Fountain Valley, California home went viral, with a YouTube video of the lights in action garnering close to 500,000 views.
Awesome Holiday Decorations
No matter what the holiday, we always love getting extra festive. It's not like we need an excuse to wear awful Christmas sweaters or take part in a harmless snowman prank, but doing that stuff during the season makes us look a little less crazy. The season also provides the perfect e…
Very 'Gangnam' Xmas
John Storm is a lucky man. Most people who move into a new neighborhood and promptly set up an insane Christmas light show set to 'Gangnam Style' would not be very popular.
10 Fantastically Festive Holiday Light Displays [VIDEOS]
Everybody loves holiday lights. You get to show off your house and celebrate the Season of Giving and love for your fellow man. Also, in some cases your past as an electrician and ability to burn energy compared to your neighbors. Here are 10 lighting displays that will make you wonder just how much…
Best Christmas Lights Display Ever – Hot on Facebook [PHOTO]
Sick of the Christmas lights arms race? Well, this clever family did something about every house on the block trying to outdo each other with over-the-top light displays with this pithy and highly effective message. Check out a photo, which has been circulating on Facebook, of the best Christmas lig…