Everybody loves holiday lights. You get to show off your house and celebrate the Season of Giving and love for your fellow man. Also, in some cases your past as an electrician and ability to burn energy compared to your neighbors. Here are 10 lighting displays that will make you wonder just how much time some people have.

  • 1

    Manheim Steamroller Needs to Hire This Guy As Their Lighting Director

    How overly elaborate is this light show? So much so that the YouTube comments are filled with accusations that this show is faked. But as far as we know, it's entirely real.

  • 2

    Well, At Least He Won a Prize

    We've got to ask: what's with synchronized light displays to Christmas techno?

  • 3

    Computers Can Do Such Wonderful Things

    Before you ask: yes, these are computerized. In fact, this display apparently uses 80 completely independent circuits. Which seems to us a bit of an expensive way to stick it to your neighbor with the inflatable Santa.

  • 4

    Sorry, 'Carol of the Bells' is Still Creepy

    We love these lights. The song is still creepy, though.

  • 5

    The hot new video game, 'Christmas Lights Hero'!

    Finally, somebody combines two things we love: overly gaudy displays of electric lighting and playing impossibly hard songs on 'Guitar Hero.'

  • 6

    The 'Nutcracker' Has Never Looked So Dynamic

    ...Or jazzy! Just listen to that score.

  • 7


    And now, if you're sick of all the cutesy-wutesy songs on here, here's a lighting display set to something considerably less sugary.

  • 8

    Even Australia Is Getting Into the Act

    This was the winner of an international Christmas lights competition. And this guy is in Australia. So we're calling him the 'Crocodile Dundee' of Christmas lights.

  • 9

    Bad Romance...Good Christmas?

    OK, Lady Gaga wouldn't be our first choice, but we have to admit, if you don't like Slayer, this is a better choice than yet another Trans-Siberian Orchestra song.

  • 10

    Playable 'Angry Birds'

    Light shows that use the colorful characters and distinctive sound effects from the popular 'Angry Birds' video game are the hot new holiday decoration trend. But this version takes the cake for including a slingshot to play along with.

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