First, there was the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, then came the ‘Twilight’ series, and starting this week, we could have a new series of romantic teen action films that gentlemen nationwide will be forced to endure if they want to get closer to their lady friends with the premiere of ‘The Hunger Games.’

The anticipation for the film adaptation of this acclaimed series of young adult novels about a group of teenagers thrown into a deadly survival reality game show is at a fever pitch. Even without an advanced copy of the movie -- despite our efforts to bribe, cheat and steal -- we can still predict some of the most jaw-dropping moments of the film.

1. The games are sponsored by KFC, Arby’s and Wendy’s “Baconator, the bacon burger worth killing for.”

2. The final showdown between the last two contestants is settled with a hot dog eating contest.

3. The audience is disappointed to learn that the movie is about a reality show where the contestants slaughter each other and none of the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast members were involved.

4. At a key point in the game, Katniss decides to go for the “double dare” for four times the amount instead of taking the “physical challenge."

5. Katniss’ coach receives a season long suspension for putting a “bounty” on the opposing contestants.

6. When the games are played in Los Angeles, Jack Nicholson has courtside seats.

7. One of the players accidentally takes himself out of the games by falling on his own sharpened stick is featured on SportsCenter’s “Top 10 Worst Plays of the Day."

8. Some parting contestants may also receive Mrs. Buttersworth and Mrs. Buttersworth Lite, Rice-a-Roni: The San Francisco Treat and the home edition of ‘The Hunger Games.'

9. During the postgame interview, one of the contestants thanks Jesus for helping him to disembowel his opponent in front of his whole family.

10. The announcer asks Katniss, “You’ve just decapitated the final contestant! What are you going to do now?” and Katniss responds, “I’m going to Disney World!”

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