New Zealander David Shoemark had asked his long-time girlfriend Cherie Butler to marry him on several occasions, only to be put off with the promise of "some day."

So when he arrived at what he had been told was a family picnic, he was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually his wedding.

Shoemark said he suspected something was up when he saw many of his relatives with cameras and friends whom he didn't expect to see hanging around his home.

Cherie had been planning the surprise wedding for about a month, and to distract Shoemark, she had arranged for one of his friends to take him on a fishing trip the morning before the ceremony.

So not only is she a woman with a flair for the dramatic, but she's comfortable with committing to spending the rest of her life with a man who smells like fish. See, guys? Marriage isn't all that bad.

[via Gawker]