This girl was practically on cloud nine. Literally.

Check out this teen who flew his date to the prom in a helicopter that he piloted. Who needs a limo that you split with friends when you can show up every single one of your classmates with a ride that will make you the envy of everyone in school? Well, that, or annoy them because they think you're a total showoff.

The duo made their way to the prom at Olathe Northwest High School, in Olathe, Kan. After an entrance like this, we can only assume they walked into the gym and all the students parted ways so the couple could dance while everyone else clapped in unison (wait -- that only happens in the movies?).

If these two crazy kids go out for a night on the town after graduation, we're banking on this kid to fuel up a 747 and take her to Paris for a romantic weekend that'll make the prom look like they enjoyed a skimpy meal at Sonic.