The rules on a classic child's game are about to be rewritten.

Ben Conde is a master of the stringless yo-yo. Yes, "stringless yo-yo" sounds as odd as "NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers" or "President Donald Trump" (or "President Hillary Clinton," depending on your point of view), but it's real. Call it a kind of extreme yo-yoing that's a step up from the traditional walk "creeper" and "walk the dog" that all kids strive to achieve.

Somehow, Conde manages to free the yo-yo from the string and then get the string back between the pieces. It's rock n' roll yo-yo, if such a thing exists. How does he do it? In the saddest description anyone has ever given for being able to do something, Conde credited his skill to "a lot of lonely Saturday nights."

So, yeah, yo-yoing is one of those pastimes that's neat when you see kids do it, but kind of creepy when adults give it a try. It's like ventrilquism. But Conde's talent is so impressive he may be changing how we view it.

Who knows -- maybe he can do for the world of yo-yoing what Tony Hawk did for skating or whatever these knuckleheads are doing to the growing field of flipping.