One would think a perk of working at a stress ball warehouse is that you always have something to grab if you're feeling overwhelmed and need to channel that energy.

Technically speaking, Darren Baldwin was no longer working at novelty company's SPS's warehouse in Blackpool, England when he heard some pretty overwhelming news. You see Baldwin had just been fired from his temporary job packing stress balls. But instead of quelling his rapidly ascending stress level by making a fist around one of the squishy instruments, Baldwin just made a fist. Then he punched the manager who had delivered the news in the face.

While one might think that act of cathartic violence would have let the tension out of Baldwin's system, it wasn't the case. Next he produced two knives and threatened the other staff members who had tried to intervene. With only stress balls to defend themselves, his former coworkers fled in fear and called the police.

Baldwin was arrested soon after he left warehouse. All in all not a wringing endorsement of the soothing nature of SNS's product.

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