If you’ve ever taken the time to really listen to street performers, you’ll notice that most are extremely talented, and unfortunately, they often go unnoticed. But these guys have brought street performance to an entirely new level of awesome, and they’re definitely gaining attention.

‘The Human Jukebox’ came up with a clever way to make a spectacle of themselves (and earn more cash) by setting out jars that read “slow down," “fast forward," “style," "Bach," “Lady Gaga," and “Michael Jackson." Basically, passersby can put money in any of the jars, and armed with a cello and a violin, the performers will play a song by the chosen artist or adjust the pace of their tune.

To say this is impressive is a massive understatement. Check out how they’ll switch from a super fast Lady Gaga rendition to a classy Bach melody at the drop of a...coin! Although their instrumental skills are insanely amazing, our favorite part of their act has to be what happens when someone puts money in the “?” jar. Wait, is that a saxophone-playing triceratops?!

Even more awesome? The guys donated all proceeds to Wingspan Arts in New York City.