The folks at Amanda Oakleaf Cakes are calling this life-sized Stormtrooper confection, "perhaps the greatest sculpted cake ever created."

And we really can't disagree.

Standing 6 feet, 4" (yup, baked proof that Luke was a little short for Stormtrooper), this lifelike imperial soldier has the type of details that George Lucas would redo a classic movie to achieve.

It took a crew of ten two weeks to put it together, with a body made up primarily of rice crispy treats and a metal and plastic skeleton for support.

Need proof that it's the delicious? When the Stormtrooper cake guarded the Arisia Sci-Fi Convention in Boston, MA, the 600 fans in attendance couldn't resist having a taste. Truly they crossed over to the dark side that day.

Get a closer look at the cake below. May The Force (and a glass of milk) be with you!

[via Oakleaf Cakes]