Probably because he made such user-friendly products, millions of people felt like they had a close personal relationship with Apple founder Steve Jobs, who died last month of pancreatic cancer at age 56.

During his funeral on October 16, Jobs was eulogized by someone who really did have that kind of relationship with him -- his biological sister, novelist Mona Simpson. It was in her moving eulogy that the world discovered what Jobs' final words were. 

Since Jobs was adopted, he didn't meet Simpson until she was 25 and he was 27. But the pair quickly bounded, and Simpson became one of Jobs' closest friends and confidants. As she remembered her brother, Simpson spoke about a man who was a perfectionist, and who valued beauty and love above all else.

At Jobs' illness grew more severe, Simpson rushed to California to be with her brother in his final moments. During her eulogy, Simpson reported that Jobs died peacefully while surrounded by his wife and children, and that the legendary innovator's last words were "Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow."

While many will speculate on what his final words mean, it's best to remember Jobs for the legacy of innovation he left behind.