This is the mother of all game show clips.

On Monday's episode of Family Feud, host Steve Harvey asked another way of saying "Mother."

The Patterson family elected to play, which turned out to be a terrible decision. By the time the family racked up two strikes, it was Sheila's turn and she had all sorts of issues, prompting Harvey to poke fun at her for trying to give a different answer by slightly changing the pronunciation of words already guessed.

Harvey took the snafu and ran with it, using his skills as a comedian to riff on how ridiculous the guesses were. The whole thing took about five minutes (and may have some NSFW language from Harvey himself), which is some prime air time and gave the opposing family even more of a chance to come up with its own guess.

Of course, we can't help recognize the irony of Harvey blasting someone for screwing up on TV. If Sheila is feeling down, though, he can probably inspire her all over again.