A state trooper in Massachusetts is warming hearts with a simple, but powerful, gesture.

Trooper Luke Bonin was recently captured on camera sharing a meal with a homeless woman on the side of the road in Fall River. A passing driver spotted the interaction and took a photo of the pair, which has since gone viral.

As you can see, the choice to treat the woman, identified as Lynn Murphy, to a meal was not planned. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision that Bonin did not do for publicity or to consciously improve public relations. Rather, he just wanted to help someone else.

Murphy, meanwhile, says the gesture surprised her because she figured she was going to be cited for panhandling. “I thought he was just going to hand me the meal but when he said, ‘Come around the back, it’s such a beautiful day, we’ll have a picnic,’ I thought that was, it touched my heart,” Murphy said.

She added, "He didn’t know me from Adam. I’m a homeless panhandler. And he took the time out of his day, went and bought us lunch, and had it with me."

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