Are you a big Nicki Minaj fan? Like, a really big one? Think you're the biggest fan of her song 'Starships?' Too bad, because you'll never be a bigger fan than Crunk Coco. Here's his cover, complete with the song's salty, NSFW language. Although you probably won't even be able to make it out, because... well, here's the video.

... And Minaj's video is now officially the second strangest video for this song.

Crunk Coco is, amazingly, not just an insane Nicki Minaj fan. He's actually a professional entertainer, or at least professional enough to have a booking agent and a Twitter account. You can also find him doing equally unique covers all over YouTube.

Let's just not pair him up with any other meme sensations. We're pretty sure if we paired him with helium-voiced YouTuber Fred, the internet (and our heads) would explode.

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