Starbucks isn't especially known for its healthy eating options, but a Virginia woman claims to have lost nearly 80 pounds by consuming nothing but food from the coffee chain. If that's true, this is a diet we actually might consider ourselves. (But we're not giving up our beloved Caffe Mocha.)

Christina Hall, a 66-year-old librarian, said she lost the weight over a period of years and has dropped from 190 pounds to a svelte 114 while under a doctor's supervision.

According to Hall, she's been eating a healthy variety of food and counting calories at the same time. "It’s not like I’m having a bagel every day," she said. "I’m mixing it up and making sure I get protein, fruits and vegetables."

Hall used a calorie tracker at and lost roughly two pounds a week at the beginning of her diet, sometimes consuming as little as 876 calories a day. A typical day's worth of food consists of things like oatmeal, coffee, fruit and cheese and a panini.

In addition to weight loss, Hall said the diet has had other benefits too. "I'm so blessed with good health," she said. "I sleep like a baby and I have tons of energy. It's great."

What do you think? Is this a healthy way to lose weight? Or are there better ways?