As a way to celebrate their love of 'Star Wars,' a couple from Seattle has created the coolest 'Star Wars'-themed home theater ever, complete with booming surround sound, movie memorabilia and life-sized character statues. We're so jealous!

Called the Grand Imperial, the theater was designed to look like the Death Star command deck, and has three rows of plush seating, killer picture and sound and original framed movie posters.

If that's not enough, life-sized statues of Boba Fett, Han Solo frozen in carbonite and C-3PO stand watch. Plus, there's even a nearby room packed with memorabilia and a game room with a replica R2-D2. If we had a setup like this, you could bet we'd never leave. Even a herd of banthas couldn't tear us away.

Check out more photos of this sweet set-up below.