Aaron Sorkin scored an Oscar for his screenplay for 'The Social Network,' but for those who aren't familiar with his work, the Academy and Emmy award-winning screenwriter has many classics from television and movies to his name. From the famous lines of 'A Few Good Men,' to the White House drama 'The West Wing,' Sorkin has written some beloved, whip-smart dialogue.

Dialogue that, according to this supercut of 'Sorkinisms,' has been recycled and rehashed in many of his productions.

Thanks to 'Sorkinisms,' we get to hear lines that Bradley Whitford said on 'The West Wing' that were echoed by Matthew Perry on the short-lived 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.' It's not meant to critique Sorkin's work, because if somebody sat through this many hours of Sorkin's shows, he clearly was a fan. But it's clear that Sorkin likes to rehash jokes and grand pronouncements.

Watch this tribute to Sorkin's familiar sayings and one-liners.

Who knew Sorkin also had a thing for chicken sounds? And the ol' "Ya think?" catchphrase. Clearly he should have been writing '90s sitcoms.