Perhaps in an attempt to upstage big sis Beyonce's pregnancy, singer Solange Knowles had gotten herself into a bizarre incident involving Miami Beach police, accusations of racism and a five-foot inflatable banana.

Solange tried to take said banana into South Beach's Club Cameo Saturday night, only to be rebuffed by an apparent no-banana rule. Solange claimed the rejection was a matter of race, and an off-duty Miami Beach cop, who was working the door at Club Cameo, walked her across the street for a chat. Then, according to Solange, the officer pulled out a switchblade and threatened to deflate her banana.

Soon after the confrontation, Solange took to Twitter and, in a series of tweets, repeated her charges of racism and her complaints about the behavior of the off-duty cop.

Miami Beach Police have confirmed there was an incident involving Solange and a giant inflatable banana, but deny race played any factor in their officer's reaction to Knowles or the blow-up toy. Solange, we can only imagine, is deflated herself after the incident.

[via Miami Herald]