In what only can be described as a brilliant opening, 'Saturday Night Live' started up last night's episode — with host Christina Applegate — spoofing this week's VP Debate. The casting was spot-on: Kate McKinnon as moderator Martha Raddatz, Jason Sudeikis shining as the eccentric Joe Biden and Taran Killam once again showing off his skills as Congressman Paul Ryan.

Perfectly hitting the noticeable points of the debate — from the tough abortion question and incessant interruptions to Ryan's strange widow's peak — the sketch was filled with funny from beginning to end.

The highlight was Sudeikis, who played up the sprightly, take-all-comers position that the VP seemed to hold during the debate. It's the kind of edge we've come to count on over the last four years from the longtime 'SNL' cast member (Sudeikis joined the cast in 2005, excelling long before Joe Biden became a household name).

However, let's not pretend we didn't laugh out loud during Killam's hamster-cage water bottle bit or McKinnnon's surprising F-bomb drop about two minutes into the show.

If you were fortunate enough to see the actual debate, you'll definitely appreciate the sketch's attention to detail. And if you didn't see it: trust us, they nailed it!