Okay, confession time -- we're addicted to the hit video game 'Skyrim' and have been playing it for months and months. But no matter how much we enjoy amassing wealth and searching for rare weapons and armor, we'll never turn out like the fellow in this 'Skyrim'-themed edition of 'Hoarders.' At least we hope not.

Courtesy of CollegeHumor, this parody follows a thief named Glarthir and his obsession with looting dead bodies for treasure. As a warrior named Yggdrasil helps clean out Glarthir's filthy home, he finds more dragon bones, books, clam meat, cabbage and swords than anyone would ever need. Yes, we've been known to collect cabbage in the game as well.

Yggdrasil even comes across a pile of, uh, leavings (ew!) found under a mound of arrows. "Good for potions," Glarthir explains lamely. "But, yeah, I guess that's gross."

As the video progresses, Glarthir finds it more and more difficult to drop items. Even a wooden bowl, which has virtually no use within the game itself, proves too difficult to part with. Will we overcome our 'Skyrim' hoarding obsession? Uh, we mean Glarthir.