The internet is making a big stink over this man's heroics.

A big-hearted fella in Canada decided to do something many would consider crazy: he helped remove a Coke can from a skunk's head. The clip has generated nearly two million views, perhaps by people who simply can't believe they're watching someone go to such lengths to help a creature with the ability to make you wish you had no sense of smell.

The man summed up the fears we'd all feel if we were in his potentially soon-to-odiferous shoes. “Skunk, please don’t spray me," he begged. "I’m not going to hurt you.”

Eventually, the man wrangled the can off the skunk's head. The animal then scurried off, possibly to tell his other skunk friends, "Hey, I met this human person and guess what? He was super helpful. Maybe we've been wrong to spray them all these years."

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