This past week Band-Aid Brand made an announcement that some say was a long time coming. Others seem to feel it may be just a way to capitalize on a movement. The company whose slogan "Stuck on Band-Aid Brand 'Cause Band-Aid's Stuck on You" no longer seems to be stuck in the past. For the first time since their start in 1921 Band-Aid Brand is introducing new skin tone colors to its product line.

Growing up, my mother always had Band-Aid Brand bandages in the house and, yes, they were always the "flesh" colored brand. Even when Band-Aid Brand introduced all the character-style Band-Aids, my mom always bought the basic original style. To be honest I don't think we even considered it a color of someone's skin -- it was just the color of a Band-Aid. And that right there is part of the problem.

Fast forward to 2020 and we are aware that it is just this type of thinking that has contributed to where we are now with the Black Lives Matter movement. It is why we need to be more (sorry) "woke to the idea" that not everyone would think of that basic tan/pink colored Band-Aid as the color of flesh. I am actually glad to hear that after putting every possible cartoon character you can think of on a Band-Aid Brand band-aid they are finally going to make skin tone-colored Band-Aids that may more accurately represent all the colors of people's skin. Fair warning though, just like their original "flesh-colored" bandage, I still think the shades will be off a bit, but it's a start.

A week ago Band-Aid Brand shared this Instagram post to announce their plans. They started with stating:

"We hear you. We see you. We're listening to you."

They then went on to explain that they are going to launch a product line with Band-Aids in a variety of shades of skin tone. They also plan to make a donation to #BlackLivesMatter.

Over the past week, various news sources have released the announcement and it seems that most of the reaction to the 100-year-old product making this change has been positive. I think some of the negative reaction is a result of people wondering why it took so long.

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