A good chunk of YouTube is videos of skateboarders performing tricks. Unless you are deeply entrenched in skating culture, or the trick is amazing or death-defying, watching such clips is generally a boring waste of time.

And the video you are about to see, in which Dutch skateboarder Jaasir Linger performs a rather mundane trick on a park bench, starts off routine enough. However, if you stick with it for about 17 seconds, you will get your just reward. Keep your eyes on the bus in the background.

(Video is NSFW for the reaction to what happens to the bus in the background.)

Luckily, there were no people on the bus. Nevertheless, a crane operator now has some serious explaining to do.

In Linger's defense, he shows off more exciting skating skills in the previous videos that he's posted. But it's still safe to say his latest effort is going to be his most popular for reasons that have nothing to do with his ability on the board.

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