Getting compared to Bart Simpson is the ultimate compliment for any pint-sized skateboarder. But it's a compliment that 8-year old Schaeffer McLean, who's been dubbed "The Real Life Bart Simpson" has certainly earned.

The resident of Bristol, England has been skateboarding since he was two, and has the videos to prove it. In fact, this terror on four wheels has had his videos viewed roughly 13 million times, giving him the 26th most viewed sports channel in YouTube's history.

According to Schaeffer, who spoke to the Daily Mail, his internet fame takes a little getting used to.

It’s funny because sometimes when I go to a skate park, people have seen my videos and they high five me," he explained. "It’s nice to skate with them. I actually don’t know why people like my videos."

Many of the videos show Schaeffer skating in a homemade skate park in his parent's living room, of all places. Which makes a little more sense when you learn that his mom is his biggest fan. "I suppose the videos are so popular because he is quite good for his age," she said. "He is young but he also has a huge personality and his character really comes through on the videos."

Check out more of Schaeffer's amazing skateboarding videos throughout the years below.