It’s rough being a two-year-old these days. Mom and dad don’t understand half the stuff that goes down at the playground, so it’s the duty of siblings to offer advice, keep them in check and give a little tough love.

First off, our man Gabriel here has a sister with the oldest of souls. She’s a wise little munchkin, giving it to him straight and holding nothing back. It sounds like the little dude started to get into a scuffle with a nine or 10 or maybe eight-year-old and he got in trouble...with his sister.

She sits him down on a park bench and lays down the toddler law about listening to mom and dad, not fighting with older kids and never spitting. The cutie patootie doesn’t let Gabriel get a word in edgewise either, although it doesn’t seem like he wants too. He just looks like a sad little pup! But hey, sometimes the guy’s gotta buck up and develop a thicker skin. Luckily, he has his sister to remind him of that with her sound wisdom, "You’re nearly three. You should toughen up a bit."

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