Sometimes, getting a date with a celebrity is as simple as asking them out on YouTube.

Last week Chicago resident Chelsea Gill uploaded a video of her singing a song requesting that 'The Muppets' star Jason Segel take her out for a drink.

Segel saw the video, was charmed by Gill's deft rhyming, and happened to be going to Chicago over the weekend for the Chicago Film Critic Awards.

So he contacted the 23-year old and asked if she and a guest would like to accompany him to the awards show -- after getting that drink, of course.

Gill brought her look-a-like twin sister along. After all the identity confusion was cleared up, the trio had, by all acounts, a terrific evening

He's so down to earth, he was so funny -- he's absolutely everything he appears to be in interviews," Gill said of Segel afterward.

You can watch Gill's original video (featuring some NSFW language) below.

[via The Huffington Post]