The TV powerhouse that is AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ has just entered its fifth season. It’s entertaining, smart, honest and completely unafraid to smash social boundaries. Does that sound like a show that would last more than five minutes on network television?

Of course, just like any critically acclaimed TV show, the audience has more than a few rabid fans. Here’s some indications that you might be one of them.

1. You go through so many packs of cigarettes in a single episode that you’ve singlehandedly improved sales of Lucky Strike.

2. You’ve had more heart attacks than the entire cast combined.

3. During your afternoon workout, you bring along a squeeze bottle of freshly shaken martinis.

4. You’ve commissioned a doctor to get a chest just like Joan Holloway’s. You just hope your wife doesn’t find out.

5. You’ve launched a campaign to get Nixon re-elected, even though he’s been dead for eight years.

6. You drink on the job more than a commercial airline pilot.

7. You’ve racked up so many sexual harassment suits that your lawyer has promised you a free set of steak knives for the next one.

8. You’ve gotten so tired of waiting for the seedy plot lines between seasons that you’ve started several inter-office romances at work.

9. You demand a corner office with a view -- and you're a janitor.

10. You’re secretly trying to turn society’s clock back to the 1950s and you’re not running as a Republican.

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