Remember 'Sh*t Girls Say,' the web series that was all the rage about nine months ago? Cross dressing comedian Graydon Sheppard's take on the more popular utterances of the fairer sex grabbed over 30 million YouTube views with its first three episodes, and spawned countless imitators.

Well, now 'Sh*t Girls Say' is a book. And to celebrate, Sheppard is back with a fourth 'Sh*t Girls Say' video.

Given the multitude of things girls will say on regular basis, there was obviously plenty of material for a new video. The clip also highlights Sheppard's increasingly impressive ability to walk in high heels.

So are you happy to see 'Sh*t Girls Say' back after its long hiatus? Are you ready for episode five? And, really, what is the deal with the ladies always thinking that it's Tuesday?