There's nothing funny about gun violence, but there is something funny about the way this guy described his reaction to it.

There have been multiple shootings in Blytheville, Ark. over the past week, so it's obviously a town on edge. How on edge?

Let Merrendes Jackson explain what he did after hearing the gunfire:

I dropped my Hot Pocket. Like I heard them, it was like they were firing back and forth at each other. I was like what is that. It sounded like a firecracker at first.”

You know it's serious business when you can't hold your Hot Pocket. We're not talking about a Bagel Bite or a Hungry-Man Salisbury steak or even some mini corn dogs to hold you over until you're ready to feast on a French bread pizza for dinner.

It's a funny clip in the face of a serious subject, although it definitely has a long way to go before it achieves this level of hilarity.