"Mother nature is a MAD scientist," said Kramer of Seinfeld fame. And it looks like we may be seeing some of her strange alchemy on an English farm, where there appears to be a sheep with an upside-down head.

At about 35 seconds into the video Allan McNamara of North Yorkshire recorded of the bizarre creature, you start to get a clear view of its unique head positioning.

"Its spine is curved as far as I can tell. I don't think it's in any pain--it certainly seemed as normal and docile as sheep normally are. It's crazy, McNamera explained to The Daily Mail. "He lives happily and has been checked by a vet to ensure he is in no pain. He can eat, sleep and do everything other sheep can."

However, many skeptics aren't buying the video, claiming the sheep's condition is just a result of the camera angle, or it's a sheep with a normal-oriented head acting goofy.

What do you think? Is this upside-down headed farm animal legit?