Sarah Brame was doing a bit of lake fishing off of her back deck in Cherry Grove, South Carolina when something really unusual happened. She had just hooked a nice-sized red drum fish when a six-foot shark jumped out of the fresh water and snagged the snack for itself.

The frantic reaction to this unexpected development from both Brame and her fiancée are pretty priceless. It's also NSFW for language because, you know, sharks.

According to experts, that is a bull shark. And, yes, they are the only breed of the giant fish which can survive in fresh water.

"It was crazy. It honestly kind of scared me,” Brame said. “There was no evidence anywhere that he was lurking in the water."

Her fiancée was more excited than afraid, as you can see in the video. In fact, he says he has made numerous fruitless attempts to catch the shark since.

We guess they're gonna to need a bigger deck.