Here’s a Cat Dressed As a Shark, Riding a Roomba
Since it's Shark Week, here's a video of a cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba. We know what you're thinking, yes this IS that cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba that chased that duck around last year. This time, though, there's more awesome SharkCat action to enjoy, so we…
Shark Week Drinking Game
Did we mention it's Shark Week?! We're pretty sure we've mentioned it's Shark Week. If, like us, you can no longer derive even the smallest amount of joy from life without the aid of alcohol, don't worry -- you can still enjoy Shark Week!
Shark Week Tattoos
If you're just now emerging from a deep slumber and have no idea what's going on in the world, here's an FYI: one of the greatest weeks of the year is upon us. (Cue the 'Jaws' theme song.) Happy Shark Week, shark fans!
Shark Week Madness
Shark Week is here! Shark Week is here! We can finally stop living like it's Shark Week, because it's actually Shark Week! We're not the only one's who are excited by the prospect -- these animals also seem pretty geared up. (We're going to pretend the costumes were their id…
Man Stranded at Sea Rescued By Shark
After being sworn in as a policeman in late May, Takai Teitoi, who comes from the tiny central Pacific island nation of Kiribati, decided to take the two hour journey back home in a wooden boat.
Along with his brother-in-law, the 41-year-old father-of-six set off. In the middle of the trip they stopp…
10 Awesome Shark Movies Inspired By ‘Jaws’
If you're like us, then you too have a love/hate relationship with sharks, aka "the assassins of the sea." We're utterly terrified of them, but we can't help but watch when they rampage a shore and snack on some unfortunate swimmers. Hollywood shares our love/hatred of sharks -- namely, th…
Here Come the ‘Shark Week’ Memes
Finally, Shark Week is here! For some reason America has a fascination with the week-long Discovery channel brainchild. It's a time to celebrate sharks, their lifestyle and a chance to act intelligent because we watched the Discovery Channel the night before.
Shark Snags an Underwater Camera
Sharks are often portrayed as terrors of the deep. Richard Dreyfuss' character referred to them in the original 'Jaws' as "an eating machine." He called them "a miracle of evolution" and noted that all it does "is swim and eat and make litt…
Watch a Giant Shark Steal a Woman’s Catch
Sarah Brame was doing a bit of lake fishing off of her back deck in Cherry Grove, South Carolina when something really unusual happened. She had just hooked a nice-sized red drum fish when a six-foot shark jumped out of the fresh water and snagged the snack for itself.

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