Sharks are often portrayed as terrors of the deep. Richard Dreyfuss' character referred to them in the original 'Jaws' as "an eating machine." He called them "a miracle of evolution" and noted that all it does "is swim and eat and make little sharks." He never said anything about their innate kleptomania.

A couple of curious tiger sharks were being filmed by shark explorer and expert Jim Abernethy. He found them swimming in the waters off the coast of Tiger Beach in the Bahamas and dropped a camera in the water. One of them became so enamored by his underwater camera that the shark decided to take it with him for further study. Another camera caught the moment on film and Abernathy posted it to YouTube.

Thankfully, Abernethy was able to get his camera back from the shark unharmed. However, he's learned a valuable lesson about cameras and sharks. They make for great YouTube videos.