Yesterday was the NBA trading deadline. If you aren't a sports fan, you can be forgiven for not knowing this, but typically such deadlines are marked with a flurry of trade activity.

The seven-year old girl in this video, however, is most certainly a sports fan. And when her mother gives her a rundown of some the players who switched teams at the deadline, she has a rather surprising reaction to the news former Portland Trail Blazer Gerald Wallace had been shipped to the New Jersey Nets.

Before getting to Wallace, mom details all the moves the Los Angeles Lakers had made. The little sports' fans reactions to each trade are sort of odd, and seemed staged. (And why are you recording your daughter's reaction to the NBA trade deadline in the first place?)

But then when she learns of Wallace getting traded to the Nets, she starts to cry. While her moans of sadness don't seem genuine at first, after a few seconds it is clear she is really quite upset. Mom tries to stop her tears by telling her that Daddy has a present for her, but it doesn't work.

In short, there's somebody even more bummed out about Gerald Wallace being traded to the hapless Nets than Wallace surely is. Didn't see that one coming.