As we advance deeper into the 21st century, a Senator's press secretary is at least as likely to be getting the word out on Twitter than communicating with the press in more traditional ways.

So when Brett Wanamaker decided he wanted to surprise his girlfriend Beth Adelson, who is the press secretary for Virginia Senator Mark Warner, with a marriage proposal he had a pretty good idea where to find her.

Yesterday afternoon Wanamaker tweeted at Mark Warner's verified account with the message "Senator, your Press Secretary pays more attention to this feed than her own -- can I borrow this space for a minute?"

Warner happily agreed, and that's when Wanamaker popped the question to Adelson in way less than 140 characters.

At first Adelson seemed confused by the "Beth Ellen Adelson, will you marry me?," cyber proposal. "What is happening?," she tweeted in response from her own Twitter account.

But that was about when Wanamaker clarified the situation by showing up at her office and getting down on one knee. As you can see from the photo above, Adelson said yes.

And now the story of how the pair came to be married is written in the annals of the internet. Check out the progression of Tweets below.

Twitter proposal

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