Stars from Gilbert Gottfried to the cast of 'Snow White and the Huntsman' have been having fun mocking the runaway best seller 'Fifty Shades of Grey.' Add Selena Gomez to the list of those parodying the erotic trilogy.

In a video the 19-year shot for 'Funny or Die,' she is seen reading the E.L James book that has been labeled "mommy porn." Overcome by the tale of sexual adventure between a young woman and a mysterious entrepreneur, Gomez becomes fixated on the painter that she had hired to do work in her house. But it's all not quite as romantic and erotic as it should be. Check out the 'Fifty Shades of Blue' trailer.

Nick Kroll, who you might recognize from 'The League,' plays the house painter. Kroll is never the smoothest of cats, but his fake acne scars and propensity to pick at his bellybutton with his paint brush make him fairly repulsive.

That's no matter to Gomez, who is completely hopped up on James' purple prose. Sadly, she isn't able to win him over in the end. In fact, her longing glances just creep him out. She is, however, left with his gift of blue paint. That's not a randy metaphor -- he actually just wanted to paint her house.

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