Maxime Nadeau might be relatively new to the hypnotism game but he clearly has some skills. In fact, during a recent show he did at a girls' high school in Sherbooke, Que, he put several students in such a deep trance that they couldn't be revived.

As the minutes turned hours, and nothing Nadeau tried woke the girls up, he put in a call to his mentor.

Richard Whitbread, who was an hour's drive away, made his way to the school and used his experience to reprogram the girls, some of whom had been under for five hours.

"I don't know how to explain it. It's like you're no longer there," Émilie Bertrand, who had to be revived, said. "You're spaced out."

According to Whitbread, his protégé's inexperience played into the blunder. But he also believes that because Nadeau is a young good looking guy the girls may have been overly receptive to his soothing words.

Which is, apparently, why you should always opt for a physically unattractive hypnotist. The more you know. You can watch video of Nadeau putting the girls under below.