When there is a lot of talent to choose from, the judges on ‘The Voice’ have a tendency to get really into the individual performers. They will fight over who they get to have on their teams and shower praise upon their choices after each performance. But does any judge ever get quite as into it as Seal did recently?

Recording artist Seal is a judge on Australia’s version of the competitive singing show. During the most recent episode, Seal was caught by the camera getting, perhaps, a little too into a contestant’s performance. It’s difficult to tell just exactly what’s going on, but we may have a little insight into why things fell apart with Heidi Klum.

Take a look at the clip and judge for yourself. Was Seal, uh, sealing the deal on live TV? Or is it just a case of an unfortunate camera angle coupled with the vibrating 'Voice' chairs and Seal's natural enthusiasm?