Homework. Even if you haven't been in school for years the thought of it can send shivers down your spine. But this fact of life for most kids is no problem for students at Gaithersburg Elementary School in Maryland -- their principal, Stephanie Brant, banned homework when she took over two years ago. Instead these lucky K-through-fifth graders are each required to read a book of their choice for 30 minutes a night.

Brant explained that once they started looking at the actual homework they were giving kids, they realized it was just a bunch of worksheets (uhhhh ... doy, that's what grade school homework is), and it was kind of a big waste of everyone's time (again, doy). So far parents and students seem to agree that Brant's no homework strategy is a winner. And the school's standardized test scores have remained about the same since Brant took over and instituted the policy.

We're not saying we're angry that we had to do homework and these kids don't. We're just saying DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH POINTLESS HOMEWORK WE HAD TO DO?!!! WHY?! WHYYYYYYYYY????!!!!!!!!!!!