Everyone thinks their neighborhood is the best for trick-or-treating. But the folks at real estate site Zillow have actually compiled a list of the best cities for scoring some 'tricks or treats' this Halloween.

In creating its third annual Trick-or-Treat Index, Zillow considered factors such as median home values, crime rates, population density and overall "walkability" when choosing the 20 best urban areas in which to gather candy on October 31.

So how does your city measure up?

San Francisco took the top honors, scoring well in three out of the four criteria. Boston, Honolulu, Seattle and Chicago rounded out the top five.

The Zillow score used for the index is a mathematical algorithm with the goal of determining where you'll get the most candy with the least amount of walking, and stay safe while doing it. That's our kind of math!

Check out the entire list below. Happy trick-or-treating!

Top 20 Best Cities for Trick-or-Treating

  1. San Francisco
  2. Boston
  3. Honolulu
  4. Seattle
  5. Chicago
  6. San Jose
  7. Washington
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Philadelphia
  10. Portland
  11. Minneapolis
  12. Pittsburgh
  13. San Diego
  14. Cleveland
  15. Miami
  16. Denver
  17. Milwaukee
  18. Virginia Beach
  19. Baltimore
  20. Albuquerque

[via Zillow]

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