The big star at the 2013 Super Bowl may very well be a nine-year-old girl.

While we don't know what teams will be making it to pro football's big day, we do know that Sam Gordon, a nine-year-old football prodigy from Utah, will be on hand to watch.

Gordon has become an internet sensation, courtesy of her mind-boggling runs in her pee wee football league, in which she frequently fools her boy counterparts and leaves them in the dust while scoring a touchdown. Well, her "Sweet Feet" -- that's one of Gordon's nicknames -- earned her a trip to next month's Super Bowl in New Orleans, which she has been invited to attend by the NFL.

Gordon's talents on the gridiron had already helped her snag an invite to a New York Giants game last month where she met Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Gordon's good fortune doesn't end there, though. She's landed her very own Wheaties box, making her the first female football player to score that honor. She's also been interviewed on 'Good Morning America' and ESPN, which certainly knows a thing or two about covering superstar athletes.

Things are looking pretty good for Gordon, although it's been such a whirlwind that we recommend this speedster slow down so she can enjoy all her success.

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