It's no big surprise that Joe Montana is in Skechers' 2013 Super Bowl commercial. The Hall of Fame quarterback has endorsed the shoe brand for a few years and has been in their past Super Bowl ads.

But in this year's humorous spot, Joe Cool is joined by an old 49ers' teammate, fellow football legend Ronnie Lott.

The safety makes his appearance mid-way through the ad. Montana has had his football stolen from him and the thief tries to run off with what would become valuable memorabilia. Then, from out of nowhere, Ronnie Lott appears and lays out the thief with the kind of vicious tackle he was famous for, before returning the ball to Montana.

Here's a fun fact about Lott you can impress your friends with during the big game. When he was young player in the NFL he broke the tip of his pinky finger. But instead of letting it heal or have surgery on it, Lott decided it would be easiest just to amputate the top of his digit.

Yup, not the kind of guy you want to run in to after you've stolen his QB's football.

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